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    You’re right Michelle, we need a medium, or a better norm. More demand will bring the prices down for well-fed animal products.

    It is a tough fight going against the giant food corporations. Yet we vote with our dollars don’t we? Thanks for your feedback here.

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    Hi Gary – that is a great story! The high fat diet of the Inuit would stagger us, who are used to “fat is bad”. The quality of the fats they eat have kept them healthy since…we don’t know exactly.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write that story here!

    I’m glad to hear you got such great results from your diet change!

  3. A fre years ago, I saw a documentary about the eating habits of the Inuit people. Despite a diet that was practically devoid of vegetables, they had one of the lowest incidences of heart disease and cancer in the world.

    Then, as the modern world intruded, their diets incorporated a rising amount of processed foods. Obesity rates went up as did deaths from heart disease and cancer. Their cholesterol levels went through the roof.

    Two British doctors – identical twins – visited the area. They had similar cholesterol levels. They wanted to do an experiment – one of them would be the control and would live on the current Inuit diet which included processed foods. The other would live on the original Inuit diet of fish and seals. After a month they compared their blood readings.

    The cholesterol level of the twin who lived only on the original Inuit diet had dropped by 20%.

    It was a real indication of just how bad processed foods are for you.

    Of course, there have been other trials and experiments that have given similar results, backing up that finding.

    I now keep processed foods out of my diet as much as possible. I can do without all the added sugar, salt, trans fats and god knows what else is pumped into food.

    I’m not a vegetarian, but 60-70% of my main meal (dinner) is veg. I only ever eat lean meat like chicken or turkey or a bit of fish. No red meat at all.

    I cut out biscuits (cookies) from my diet too as they’re full of trans fats.

    And I’ve never had an issue with high cholesterol.

    My weight also dropped quite a bit. So that was a nice side-benefit.

    Food convenience (any pre-prepared food you basically just heat up) is actually detrimental to health. Cooking food that’s in its rawest form is the best way to go. All the additives in processed food aren’t there for your benefit. They’re there to make the manufacturer more money. And your health be damned in the process!

  4. Very interesting article, Dianne. I never realized how ‘bad’ things can be when we don’t feed the ‘best food’ to our animals who indirectly pass it on to us…it is amazing. I wish there were more health conscious people around in the big ‘business industries’ and not just more concerned about the ‘almighty dollar’. Surely we can strike a good medium?

  5. DianneBee,
    Thanks for your information on the worst foods for cholesterol. I have been watching the foods that I east for several years and my cholesterol level has been very good. The old saying is true-“You are what you eat”

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